Food addict, binge eater … Do you recognize yourself in this ?

Hi everyone 🙂

I am currently in NYC and I am trying to connect to binge eaters and food addicts communities.

Those who already follow know that I recovered thanks to a group therapy based on identity & personality issues, not thanks to a better control over my nutritional habits.
I completely lost obsession for food now, and it had last for years.

I so badly want to share this message now I feel better, but I keep meeting reluctance to this approach. I know how hard it is to be told that the issue is not food itself when you have an eating disorder.

So I thought I’d try differently.

I created a short, completely ANONYMOUS survey, consisting exclusively in yes or no questions (based-on « do I recognize myself in this? »).

It won’t take you more than 5 minutes, I  promise, but hopefully, it could help you see what kind of message I am trying to convey.

If you have spent years always hearing and reading the same things about eating disorders and feeling like you will never recover, it won’t cost you much to take just 5 minutes to fill this survey.
CLICK HERE to acess the survey : Food addicts & binge eaters. Do you recognize yourself in this ?

If you have any question, comment, please use the comment section below or send me an email at


💛 Masha

There are still some tickets available for the NYC support group this Sunday. CLICK HERE to book your ticket.

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Bienvenue sur Boule de Vie. Je m'appelle Masha et j'aide les personnes boulimiques à se libérer de l'obsession alimentaire pour de bon... Alors pas de remèdes miracle ici, ni d'astuces anti-crises. Si c'est que vous cherchez, passez votre chemin. Si en revanche vous voulez savoir quels sont les mécanismes sous-jacents à la boulimie et que vous êtes prêt-e à aborder les TCA sous un angle peu commun, vous êtes au bon endroit.

Et vous, qu'avez-vous pensé de cet article? Partagez vos impressions ci-dessous :)

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